certified Organic gIant russian garlic grown in the Macleay Valley.

Here at Nagles Falls Farm we are passionate about producing the best Giant Russian Garlic we can.
We know you will love our garlic as much as we love growing it!

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We first purchased our little patch of Paradise 12 years ago. We pretty much had a blank canvas to build upon. Our goal was to create a small farm that could be reasonably self sufficient using cleaner greener methods as apposed to the conventional ways.

Our Produce

Certified Organic Giant Russian Garlic

Giant Russian Garlic also known as Elephant Garlic looks like a larger version of regular garlic, with each bulb featuring four to six golden brown/white cloves that may be as big, in some cases, as one whole bulb of typical garlic. The size of the cloves means less fiddling around and a greater range of uses in the kitchen. Customers favourite uses include roasting, sautéing, grating raw into salads, adding to stir-fry’s, pasta and guacamole.

  Health Benefits
Studies have shown a large range of health benefits can be experienced through the regular consumption of Garlic. Decreasing the risk of heart disease, certain types of cancer, type 2 diabetes, hypertension and improving the health of your digestive system, just to mention a few.

  Flavour Profile
Its locally agreed here in the Macleay Valley on the Mid North Coast of NSW that our Giant Russian Garlic has a little more punch than varieties grown elsewhere. Having said that it is not a direct substitute for your hard neck varieties. If you love strong blow your socks off Garlic, then Giant Russian is not for you. If, however you enjoy a milder garlic flavour with a hint of onion and leek with a slightly sweet finish then you’ve come to the right place. What the Giant Russian variety lacks in strength it makes up for with its versatility. Give it a go! You may be pleasantly surprised!

  Storage Suggestions
Giant Russian Garlic does store a lot longer than many other varieties. Though direct sunlight along with excessive heat or moisture will shorten its shelf life. Best bet is to store your garlic in a cool dry location, such as a dark pantry or cupboard. A wire onion basket on the Kitchen bench at home does us.

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Giant Russian Garlic


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Due to Giant Russians Garlic milder flavour, ease of use and versatility in the kitchen you will find yourself using more of it more often.


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“Best Garlic we have ever had! Fresh, crunchy and delicious!”

Terry & Bernie Z. Newcastle NSW

“I love roasting your Garlic! I end up with this gooey lump of garlic that I spread on everything!”

Theresa G. Forestville NSW

“So fresh and easy to use. Goes in everything!”

Ben D. Sunshine VIC

“We love the Story behind this great tasting garlic and take comfort in the fact it’s not been grown or treated with any nasties unlike the imported rubbish in the supermarkets!”

Catherine & Graham P. Illabo NSW

“NFF organically grown garlic in the Jean Martin Fortier inspired permanent raised beds, which are completely weed free, is simply postcard perfect!”

Craig H. Kempsey NSW

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